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[Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com]: Same

Reid was driving too fast.

That was okay, they always drove too fast. Good thing this was a heavy car, though, Alya had been startled enough by it alone and most people don't really look at the speedometer (thankfully) so that hadn't brought any panic.

For which there was no cause, he was a damn good driver, but still.

He missed her already, a bit.

Anyway, he was speeding even more, now. Going in the direction away from her, but even so, each mile got him more easy - and more excited. He was going home.

It had been close to three freaking months, and he was driving home, and everybody would be home, but he'd get there first. Well, first other than Pogue, who would be there already because he was already living there again. As they all would, eventually, but now it was just Pogue.

And a part of Reid was singing with joy because, God, he'd get to see Pogue. In just - as little time as it took him to drive there. So he sped up even more.

He hated how clingy he was. How much he needed his boys. But damn if he wasn't going to get them today, tomorrow, as soon as they all trickled back for the Thanksgiving vacation. They didn't mind if he clung. They'd said that a lot of times, and even if they did, they'd have to deal with it now.

He slowed when he drove into Ipswich, more on account of hesitating than following the rules. He wanted to get to Pogue as soon as he could, but he also didn't want to deal with everybody at the garage. So...

Hell. He trusted that Pogue would get home in a timely manner, since he knew they'd be starting to get back tonight, they'd all talked on the phone and such enough. Sharp turn, and he headed towards Pogue's place.

Reid didn't so much lurk inside the older blond's garage as just... buzz in place, too hyped up and anxious and everything to even fret. Good thing the bike was heard soon enough, the low roar curling his lips up at the corners.

Brake. Stand. Pogue off the bike, helmet off...

... and he got a little (compared to himself, that is) missile of blond hair and muscled limbs glomping onto him with the force of three months' absence.

"Hey, hey, hey..." But there was smile in Pogue's voice, and after a moment of just plain startlement, his arms went around his friend, holding him back with almost as much cling as was applied onto him. "Hey, bright eyes."

"Pogue Pogue PoguePoguePoguePogue." Reid knew he was acting like he was ten. And he didn't care. He was home and Pogue was there and things were starting to seem the right side up which hadn't since he'd left in August. "I'm homeI'mhomeI'mhome!" At least he wasn't bouncing into the older boy's arms. But that was because he was clinging too much.

"Yes, yes you are." He was laughing, Pogue was laughing at him, and that was perfect. "What's... is everything okay?"

"'s good. 's PERFECT! How're you? I'm home!"

More laughter, rumbling around him the way only Pogue could make it. "And that's a good thing." Wind-chapped lips pressed onto his temple, his forehead. Warm breath ruffling his hair. God, that was so good. "Staying with me for food?"

"Damn right I am! I'll tell mom I got back later. You sure? Not breaking up any other plans or anything?" Reid did look up at that, just to make sure, but didn't relax his cling.

"No other plans." Smile, and certainty, and calm, and how could Pogue be this perfect? "I'm all yours."

"And whoever else gets here by then."

"And whoever else. But right now, that's you."

"Awesome. Can we get donuts for dessert?"


"... not that."


"... long story. And taking it slow."

"Who are you and what have you done with Reid Garwin?"

"Oh, shaddup..."

But even as they moved inside, neither of them really let go.

And that was perfect.

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