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Application for [community profile] eudio


NAME: Kiki
AGE: 34
CONTACT: [plurk.com profile] kikibug13


NAME: Reid Garwin
CANON: The Covenant
AGE: 18
CANON POINT: Somewhat after the end of the movie, right after he has turned 18 and thus acquired his full magical powers.

BACKGROUND: The Covenant and Reid in particular. Some more thoughts on his personality.
INCENTIVE/FIT: Reid has just Ascended to his full powers, and is basically pretty sure that he'll end up abusing them, thus aging himself in no time at all. His incentive would be learning how to stop using his powers in reaction, a rebellious one. Basically better coping mechanisms so he doesn't get addicted to his magic.
Reid has few issues with sexuality or intimacy, at least physical. He's confident in his skin as far as appearance goes - he's shown to strut around the lockers room naked. Emotionally, that's a very different kettle of fish, and will be intiresting to explore, especially outside the tight, known circle of the Sons of Ipswich.
SAMPLES: Network/texting.

Powers: As listed in the Wiki pages, the Sons of Ipswich have various powers whose limits have not really been defined. They've been shown to fly, alone and - powered by all four of them - with a car; to avoid crashes by literally passing through objects; to fix cars and set items on fire and levitate objects. And this is, mostly, their 'limited' teenager powers which increase manyfold once they turn 18 and 'Ascend.'
The downside? Each use of their powers ages them. And it's addictive. So even Reid, who is the most reckless of them (save Chase, who is fully Ascended and with double power to begin with) doesn't use them constantly. With the canon point he's taken from, when he has access to all of his abilities, he'll be at least trying to be sensible about it. Keyword: try, since he's spent the last five years stubbornly resisting all attempts to make him limit his Use.
Also, when he uses his powers, an orange circle expands from the center out in his eyes, leaving them completely black.
And, he has tats. Upper and lower arms, the back of some fingers, and the nape of his neck.