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Yeah, it had taken Reid a bit of recon to find a place that was likely to be decent for making it possible to both play pool and relax, but then again, he had the whole of the day for it, and since he meant to enjoy things, he didn't do this bit casually, either.

Eventually, he liked a place - and no, it wasn't extremely cultured or anything. Just had a feel to it that rang true with Reid. That was enough - there was enough experience for him to trust that.

He texted the location to Tony. And then went to look around some more. No, he really hadn't been there before. So. It had to be explored, the place. Yes, it was big. No, that wasn't intimidating.

Eventually, he got home and rested a bit, because. And then he made his way to the pool place, settling with a beer to wait for the other guy to show up. Not that he had any idea where things were going to end up - maybe just a game, maybe an interesting conversation. Maybe longer hanging around would end up in them fighting, which he'd keep to civilized levels, because he'd learned, but still; and maybe they were going to have a different ending for the night altogether. Mmmm keeping an open mind.
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