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A/N: Reusing the journal for the original character Cameron that started as based on Reid; set in the same world as the character [profile] laedecker. Laedecker and Dorothy used with permission and love.

Cameron made his way across the carnival slowly, carefully. He could feel his joints creaking, even if the din and the wind swallowed the noise completely. The dusty air choked him a bit as it did everybody now and again; he had to stop and wait until the fit of coughing died out, before going on. )
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A/N: Warning: M/M naughtiness in the first section. And the ending is a little bit of a downer. Tyler is [profile] their_babyboy, Pogue is [profile] lieutenantwitch, Chase is [profile] broken_circles. Alya doesn't have a journal yet, Joseph and Meredith are NPCs. Yay Girls/Divergence 'verse (although the first three can be applied to any 'verse.)

One, two, three, four... )
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~ Snowball shooters like the one I got for Pogue, this time all around.
~ Chocolate. It's always a valid one.
~ Nuts. ... I mean, driving people nuts. Nobody gets outta that one.
~ Condoms. See chocolate.
~ Books. I think. I'll get back to you on number five. And recommendations? Suggestions? Requests?
* ... just let me go on burrowing borrowing clothes?
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