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You know... when two of your three best friends are up to 'reforming' people who used to be less than nice to them... makes you wonder if you're falling behind the trend or something.
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2. Eager

Party or play or mischief or hot people or friends in need or even work to be done - just count me in!

5. Email

... Reid started treating opening his inbox way more warily, after that one unexpected and unwelcome message.

9. Elite

He never thought that old names and old money would be at a disadvantage to them, but it took about one look at Tyler's blue eyes, still going so sad as they so much as walked by her dorm, to know that, um, every rose has its thorns, even the usually easier-to-handle aspect of their bloodlines.
letsdropin: (It's complicated (cap: Reid))
Of course there are, yet Reid burns brightly and crushes deeply, so each rejection wounds even if few really see that between the glittering, scathing humor and the in-your-face insolence and aggression.
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