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When Reid found the half-crumpled poplar leaf while making the bed the next morning, he just grinned, smoothed it, and carefully put it between the pages - bright yellow against printing white - of Tyler's favorite book for his friend to find one day and remember.
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"The chains of habit are generally too small to be felt until they are too strong to be broken." - Samuel Johnson

They'd finished the practical earlier than expected; Reid shrugged and headed to the dorm, might as well catch a nap before the lecture in the afternoon. Or something. Tyler had solid blocks all day today, and then something in the evening, study group, whatever. Semester was gearing up towards the last run, anyway. The other two had more gappy schedule yet, he'd deal with that. He'd probably manage to flop in his and Tyler's room and leave them be, at any rate. Wasn't in the mood to deal with Caleb's typical mild disapproval, at any rate, not even so much as to give him shit.

Yes, he knew that was what he kept on doing. )

Muse: Reid Garwin
Fandom: The Covenant
Word count: 2 093
A/N: Caleb is [personal profile] theirgoldenboy. Pogue is [profile] lieutenantwitch. Tyler is [profile] their_babyboy. Takes place late in the first semester of their senior year at Harvard, before the Christmas break. Which places this also shortly before current goings-on as regards [profile] confessioncafe.
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