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Oct. 20th, 2010 12:09 pm
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To the first five people who comment to this post, I will gift you with something of my own crafting. It may be an icon, a manip, a ficlet, or something completely random. You may love it or you may think it sucks, but regardless, it will be made with ♥love♥ for you from me.

Feel free to give me a request of what you might like (ship, character, actor/actress, fandom, color, etc).

The catch? You must pay it forward and post this in your journal so you can gift 5 of your friends with special gifts made by you.

01. Open Slot
02. Open Slot
03. Open Slot
04. Open Slot
05. Open Slot
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Choose one or a couple of these, and I'll do my best to write a drabble or ficlet with that prompt and my muse and your muse. Let me know if you have stuff to add to the request prompt!

1. Playful!Reid: Grace ([personal profile] freakytwinthing)
2. Murderous!Reid
3. Flailing!Reid: Tyler ([profile] their_babyboy)
4. Incarcerated!Reid
5. Deviant!Reid
6. Ill!Reid
7. Intoxicated!Reid: Dee ([profile] ihasataser)
8. Wildly Inappropriate!Reid: Tony ([profile] 6thseasonbuffy)
9. Eloquent!Reid
10. Cooking!Reid
11. Over-protective!Reid: Grace ([personal profile] freakytwinthing)
12. Wanker!Reid
13. Silly!Reid
14. Romantic!Reid
15. Long-winded!Reid
16. Bedtime!Reid: Tyler ([profile] their_babyboy)
17. Jealous!Reid
18. Inquisitive!Reid
19. Confused!Reid: Grace ([personal profile] freakytwinthing)
20. Sexy!Reid: Tyler ([profile] their_babyboy)
21. Angry!Reid
22. Dorky!Reid: Dee ([profile] ihasataser)
23. Working!Reid: Tony ([profile] 6thseasonbuffy)
24. Needs-a-Hug!Reid
25. Choose-your-own!Reid
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