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A/N: Written for Sex is Not the Enemy prompt. Follows up this and this.

Waking up in the middle of the night was nothing new for Reid. He was a light sleeper; it happened.

Waking up in the middle of the night, the scent of Tyler surrounding him... )
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A/N: Reusing the journal for the original character Cameron that started as based on Reid; set in the same world as the character [profile] laedecker. Laedecker and Dorothy used with permission and love.

Cameron made his way across the carnival slowly, carefully. He could feel his joints creaking, even if the din and the wind swallowed the noise completely. The dusty air choked him a bit as it did everybody now and again; he had to stop and wait until the fit of coughing died out, before going on. )
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Reid was all up for one-night stands - so long as he knew that was the case from before hand, he really was, but when she slipped out of bed right after they were done, it stung, and he had almost started dressing himself to get home by the time she slipped back into her room with a bucket of ice-cream and two spoons - which automatically made everything better.
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Tequila shots night )

Muse: Reid Garwin
Fandom: The Covenant
Word count: 2300+
A/N: Pogue is [profile] lieutenantwitch, Caleb is [profile] stillnothim, Tyler is [profile] their_babyboy, all used with permission, read-through approval, and love. RP-based, dated summer after the boys' senior year at Spenser.
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When Reid finally walked up the driveway of the Simms' residence, he was tired, his lips were parched, and his face was burning from the spring sun that he had not counted on being so hot already.

Not that he'd had that much of time to consider such shit.

And still, the reason for the slump of his shoulders as he knocked on the door had nothing to do with being tired. Not physically, at least.

Right. Don't think of it. His arms wrapped more around him, as though he could protect himself from the misery, while the words his mom had said, her voice so... calm, so contained, so normal that it made him want to puke, ran through his head again before he managed to banish them at least somewhat once again.

He breathed out in relief when it was Tyler who answered the knock. He'd had as much dealing with adults as he wanted to take for today. Wishful thinking, you know.


Reid! )

Muse: Reid Garwin
Fandom: The Covenant
Word count: 889
A/N: Any 'verse, age 14-15 i.e. before any 'verse splits! Tyler is [profile] their_babyboy, used with permission and much love.
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Well nothing could be sadder || Than a glass of wine, all alone || Loneliness, loneliness, it's such a waste of time || Oh yeah. )

Muse: Reid Garwin
Fandom: The Covenant
Word count: 1 762
A/N: Verse is Cliffs of Insanity. Tyler is [profile] their_babyboy, Pogue is [profile] lieutenantwitch, Caleb is [personal profile] theirgoldenboy, and Chase is [profile] broken_circles. Marc and Kate don't have journals, and the rest are NPCs.
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A/N: Warning: M/M naughtiness in the first section. And the ending is a little bit of a downer. Tyler is [profile] their_babyboy, Pogue is [profile] lieutenantwitch, Chase is [profile] broken_circles. Alya doesn't have a journal yet, Joseph and Meredith are NPCs. Yay Girls/Divergence 'verse (although the first three can be applied to any 'verse.)

One, two, three, four... )
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It's at a party, and he's as close enough to his boyfriend to feel the thrill of appreciation mirroring his own run through them both almost simultaneously.

This probably won't end well, he thinks.

Surprisingly... )

Muse: Reid Garwin
Fandom: The Covenant
Word count: 506
A/N: Here we have three different 'verses responses to the bonus prompt! Because it's bonus. All muses not mine or shared used with permission and much, much love.
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"'s gonna be a good one," he said as he worked to get the fire going, careful and as they usually did, so many evenings before.

Tyler shot him a look from where he was setting the tent up, then followed his eyes up to the cloud above the horizon and the setting sun beginning to kiss them soft bruises and a warm gold, and grinned. "Ye-ah." After a bit of fiddling, the tiny structure came up, and he beamed. Then looked up again and tilted his head. "You gonna draw it?"

Reid froze, for a split second... )

Muse: Reid Garwin
Fandom: The Covenant
Word count: 353
A/N: Tyler is [livejournal.com profile] their_babyboy and used with permission and love!
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It wasn't like Reid hadn't had time to get used to it. Like, all of his life.

But his mom could still get him to kind of fly off the railing. )

Muse: Reid Garwin
Fandom: The Covenant
Word count: 1 090
A/N: Pogue is [profile] lieutenantwitch, used with permission and much, much love. Warning: Digression in smutty.
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"We were given: Two hands to hold. Two legs to walk. Two eyes to see. Two ears to listen. But why only one heart? Because the other was given to someone else. For us to find." - Anon

Reid was... edgy. And tetchy. And sharp.

Even he knew it; he was pretty certain Tyler and Pogue, and possibly even Caleb, were picking up on it. He'd swing between usually happy-go-lucky to snappy, to back to funny within minutes and for the most absurd of reasons.

Like... )

Muse: Reid Garwin
Fandom: The Covenant
Word count: 1 025
A/N: Tyler is [profile] their_babyboy. The 'verse is Pile of Puppies, timing relevant to [profile] confessioncafe. Pogue is [profile] lieutenantwitch, Caleb is . Warnings: naughty smutty activities implied; also, Reid's potty mouth.
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"Laughter - An interior convulsion, producing a distortion of the features and accompanied by inarticulate noises. It is infectious and, though intermittent, incurable." - Ambrose Bierce

Don't say I didn't... )

Muse: Reid Garwin
Fandom: The Covenant
Word count: 726
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FIVE times you loved and lost, and one you would do anything to hang on to

One thing that how messed up Reid's parents are doesn't do to him is shut him off from love.

Maybe it's because he's always known that, even with the silences, the tension, and the non-fights, they do, or at least once did, love each other. Or maybe, much more likely, because he had examples elsewhere but still close to home. His boys, who, even when they had misunderstandings, never have anything but loved him back. And even their parents, in turn, have shown him how things can be. How they should be.

How when the heart speaks, the rest might not matter.

He gets his heat from his father, along with the rest of the complicated package that comes down with his name. He gets his strength of will from his mother, strength to persevere and stand against whatever odds. But tempered.

It's easy for him to fall in love. And mean it, and even when he bounces up, his heart is bleeding no less. But, most of the time, he knows that the only thing that can heal a broken heart is love. So, he loves.

Sometimes, he even says it.

Could you tell me I'm good enough? || Could I be good enough? || If the going got worse || And the worse got rough || The days became endless || And harder than tough || I'd be good enough || Better than best || Would be simply to be good enough || If everything I give || Dosn't seem like a lot || If it's all that I've got || Baby tell me that could be good enough )

Muse: Reid Garwin
Fandom: The Covenant
Word count: 4 261
A/N: I am not sure I'll be cross-posting this. At any rate, most of it is in the future; it is set in the so-called Cliffs of Insanity 'verse, it's not fluffy or funny. Tyler is [profile] their_babyboy, Pogue is [profile] lieutenantwitch, and Caleb is [personal profile] theirgoldenboy. All other characters are NPCs or without their own journals. Any who aren't mine are used with permission and lots of love. Some of those, the first two or three, for example, are valid across 'verses.
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Reid wasn't expecting the Mustang pulling up in front of him. Caleb actually had to lean across and open the passenger seat door right across the sidewalk from him to register that, yes, it was for him. He stepped across the heavy rain, then flopped into the front seat, none too gently, getting a raised eyebrow from his friend.

"Where's Pogue? I called him."

"He got called right after you disconnected, something about what he's trying to do after school and unexpected rescheduling."

Oh, great. )

Muse: Reid Garwin
Fandom: The Covenant
Word count: 1 858
A/N: After this and this, but before this. Pogue is [profile] lieutentatwitch, Caleb is [personal profile] theirgoldenboy, Tyler is [profile] their_babyboy. Warning: Adult content.
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A/N: This started with a vignette and grew into a 7K words or so monster. But it's very relevant to the muse, so here we go. Pogue is [livejournal.com profile] lieutenantwitch, the Tyler and Alya mentioned do not have journals currently; Caleb is [livejournal.com profile] theirgoldenboy, and Chase is [livejournal.com profile] broken_circles. Not binding to any other muses but the ones mentioned (and used with permission), unless their muns decide to pick on any or all elements in/for interactions with Reid.
The fics up to number seven are valid for all 'verses; the last three, for the 'girls yay' 'verse only.

Fic of doom is LONG. )


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