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If you had the choice to be the hero or the villain of the story, which would you choose?

Such a fun question, isn't it? Or it's supposed to be, at least.

Villains have all the fun; heroes win in the end, now, which is preferable?

Well, I say: Neither. They're both trapped into the workings of a story, and neither variety really gets the better deal. Both get to deal with, you know. Preset stuff.

Villains? Suffer the delusion that they can or will win. That really twists their way of thinking, you know. Makes them see things all screwy, makes them miss out on facts. Even if they end up reading and following the 'Things I'd do if I were an evil overlord' list. They never win. So scratch that.

Heroes? Come on. They gotta be all heroic and do what-needs-to-be-done all the time. No chance for a life, or anything! Shit comes down, they've gotta be there to deal with it. Sure, they end up winning. Or winning and dying. It's still no fun. Scratch that, too.

Me? I've decided I can deal with being a sidekick. You know, the variety of sidekick that people sometimes forget about, and the type that can, on occasion, prove to be a surprise that makes the difference between a mediocre, cliché story, and a winner. And, you know, the sidekick that might be actually more awesome than the hero, and people keep on wondering why the hero's the focus of the story.

So, yeah. My answer's 'neither of the original choices'.

... oh, wait. I've chosen to become a doctor. Hopefully saving people's lives.

I guess that means I'll end up trying the heroic path anyway. Oh, well. I'll let you know how that works out.
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